Massage Therapy

Massage is an art. There are various practices which one can develop and use to achieve a state of relaxation of mind and body, and, by doing so, transform life into an expression of wellbeing.

In the times we live relaxation is very difficult for most people. While resting, their mind is in a state of turmoil and also the body suffers. Massage therapy is one of the techniques we have at our disposal to relax body and mind and achieve complete rest and revitalization.

Every psycho-physiological problem we face in our life has a big impact on our muscles, contracting them and forcing them to be in a state of tension.

This uncontrolled activation of the muscles will drain the body of its energy and make us tired and weak.


Massage therapy will help you to release this tension, make your body free from pain and discomforts. A good massage will free your mind from anxiety and increase joy and relaxation.

You can choose 2 different massage styles:

Traditional Thai Massage

A full-body sequence, from toes to head, where we focus on removing tension from muscles,
ligaments and tendons. A massage where we can use hands, elbows, knees and feet as massage tools to lengthen the muscles and improve blood circulation. These stretching techniques are similar to yoga poses, which means that the receiver would be passively doing yoga with all the benefit implied in it.

SpaNu Massage

Is a combination of massage techniques
deep tissue – swedish massage- ayurvedic massage – myofascial release and trigger points therapy. The treatment will be tailor-made, restorative, relaxing and reinvigorating
the treatment is performed on a massage table and avails itself of oils.

Physical benefits

The massage therapy alleviates stress, improves blood circulation, releases harmful toxins built-up in the body and invigorates your joints and muscles

Emotional benefits

The massage works on the muscles to supply a natural energy flow to the body. This creates a sense of calm and clarity of thought.

Spiritual benefits

You can re-connect with your inner Self through the relieving of tension and the elimination of thoughts that generate stress and anxiety.

The SpaNu Method

Personal Training

Either your primary goal is weight-loss, more strength or endurance, I will help you to develop a lasting passion and commitment to fitness. I personalise the sessions to improve your athletic performance, help you lose weight, heal painful muscles or simply relax your body.

Massage Training

During the massage course, I will teach you a fine combination of Swedish, Ayurvedic and Deep Tissue massage styles with Thai Massage as the main foundation. We will also practice body exercises that you can use to keep your body strong and your mind calm during therapy.

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