About Me

My name is Andrea Spanu.

Andrea has been a professional massage therapist and personal trainer for the last 17 years.

Dedication, skill and passion for high standards have seen Andrea work with many high profile guests in luxury environments such as the Four Season Hotel in Hyde Park, London.

Now with his own business ‘SpaNu Wellness’, Andrea is on a personal journey to promote relaxation, stress relief, and a pain free lifestyle by making use of therapeutic massage and body conditioning.

The ‘SpaNu Wellness’ programme is designed to provide a multi layered approach, resulting in improved health and healing so as to deliver a healthy body and a peaceful state of mind.

The SpaNu Method

By letting go of everyday stress & tension, you health will improve, you will get rid of muscle and/or back pain,
as well as of headaches. A better health leads to more stability in your life.

I will teach you how to focus your mind on your body by using ancient and reinvented breathing techniques that will help youto be present and let go of harmful and anxiety generating thoughts.

My technique also focuses on physical exercises that, combined with mindfulness techniques, will allow you to be able to improve your physical performance to such a degree that you never thought it was ever possible to you.

Massage Therapy

Relaxation is an art. there are various practices which one can develop and use to achieve a state of relaxation of mind and body, and, by doing so, transform life into an expression of wellbeing. In the times we live relaxation is very difficult for most people. while resting, their mind is in a state of turmoil and also the body suffers…

Strength And Conditioning

My passion for training and psycho-physical improvement developed at a young age, when the love for martial arts led me to become a boxer. By practicing boxe I learnt the values of discipline and respect, both for oneself and for others. This later on turned into love for one’s own physical and mental conditioning, pushing me to focus on the Self in order…

Massage Training Course

10 years of experience in teaching and sharing my knowledge of massage therapy.
Massage styles courses available:
Thai Massage – The Spanu Massage

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